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Books and Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Bronk, K. C., & Mangan, S. (2016). Strategies for cultivating purpose among adolescents in clinical settings.  In P. Russo-Netzer, S. Schulenberg, & A. Batthyany (Eds.) Clinical perspectives on meaning: Positive and existential psychotherapy.  New York: Springer Publishers.

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Conference Presentations

Mangan, S., & Baumsteiger, R. (December, 2016). The development of gratitude and purpose among adolescents and emerging adults. Paper presented at the Associated for Moral Education Conference, Boston.

Bono, G., Mangan, S., & Baumsteiger, R. (July, 2016). Making great students: Testing a new curriculum designed to foster grateful thinking and purpose in life in primary and secondary education. Panel discussion presented at the International Festival of Positive Education, Dallas.

Baumsteiger, R., Mangan, S., Riches, B., Dubon, V., & Bronk, K. C. (April, 2016). Fostering purpose in life among adolescents. Symposium presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, Long Beach.

Lin, L., Bronk, K. C., Benavides, C. M., & Zhang, J. (2015, October). Exploring Perceived Stress and Purpose in Political Engagement: A Sample from Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement. Paper presented at the Taiwanese Psychological Association Annual Convention. Taipei, Taiwan. Political Purpose Presentation

Bronk, K. C., Riches, B., Mangan, S., & Baumsteiger, R. (Nov., 2014). Prospection and the Role of Future-oriented Thinking in Moral Development. Paper presentation for the Association of Moral Education. Pasadena, CA.

Riches, B. Bronk, K. C., Mangan, S. (Sept., 2014). Authentic Purpose Scale: A New Scale Assessing all Three Construct Dimensions. Poster presentation for the Western Positive Psychology Association. Claremont, CA.

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