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Fostering Purpose

Having a purpose in life, or working to accomplish something that is at once personally meaningful and at theClear-Sense-Of-Purpose same time leads to productive engagement with some aspect of the world beyond-the-self, is associated with thriving. In particular, empirical studies have linked the pursuit of purpose to happiness, hope, and life satisfaction. Among adoles
cents, it imparts particular benefits. For instance, adolescents with a purpose in life report higher levels of resiliency and grit. In spite of the clear promise of purpose, the construct is rare. Only about 20% of high school students report having one. Therefore, working closely with ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student bodies at secondary schools in Southern California, we are testing various methods of fostering purpose among young people. The aim of this project is to create a series of tools that teachers can use to effectively and easily foster purpose among adolescents.


Principle Investigator: Dr. Kendall Bronk

Project Lead: Brian Riches (brian.riches@cgu.edu)

Additional Team Members: Valeska Dubon and Celina Benavides

Funder: Templeton Foundation

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