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Youth Gratitude and Purpose


Practicing gratitude, or reflecting on all the good things in life, tends to lead people to think to think about what really matters to them and how they can contribute to the world beyond themselves. In this way, fostering gratitude may prompt young people to start thinking about their purpose. We are working in conjunction with researchers at the University of California Dominguez Hills and the University of California Greater Good Science Center to create a curriculum that cultivates gratitude and uses the practice of this virtue as a springboard for the development of purpose. We are currently testing the efficacy of this curriculum in fostering gratitude and purpose among adolescents within various middle and high school contexts. Our ultimate goal is to develop a set of materials that teachers can utilize within their classes to help engender a sense of purpose among their students. To read more about this project, read our YGP_Project rationale_newsletter.

Principle Investigators: Dr. Kendall Bronk and Giacomo Bono (University of California Dominguez Hills)

Project Lead: Susan Mangan (susan.mangan@cgu.edu)

Additional Team Members: Rachel Baumsteiger

Funder: Templeton Foundation

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