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Political Purpose

Individuals most commonly find purpose in helping their families, serving their communities, living life in accordance
with their religious beliefs, and pursuing personally meaningful careers. Missing from this list is an inspiring source of purpose that involves service to one’s country. An engaged and committed populace is crucial to the success of a democracy, and yet few young people today report finding purpose in political endeavors. In the Political Purpose Project, we examine political purposes among a sample of emerging adult Taiwanese individuals involved in the recent Sunflower Student Movement. We use surveys and interviews to learn more about how political purposes are inspired and how they grow so we can encourage more young people to find purpose in serving their countries.

Principle Investigator: Dr. Kendall Bronk

Project Lead: Celina Benavides (celina.benavides@cgu.edu)

Additional Team Members: Lin Lin and Elaine Zhang

Funder: Templeton Foundation

View results of this project: Political Purpose Presentation

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